Lake City, Florida and Surrounding Areas

Seriously, there’s nothing better than making someone smile.

Hey y'all, Heather here. All my life I’ve gone out of the way to make people laugh. Whether learning jokes (mostly corny ones) or repeating funny catch phrases at appropriate times (wazzzz up – though no longer popular) my main mission was to get that chuckle.

I learned about the modern photo both business while listening to a podcast in late 2015. Then after milling about it for a few months and finally getting Christy to buy in on the idea, we decided to take the leap and start Snap Your Selfie. We came up with the name while out to dinner with a bunch of friends. You heard the one about the company that got started on a bar napkin right? Yeah, that's us!

What better way to guarantee we’ll be around constant smiles, than manning a photo booth?! If you haven't had the opportunity to experience Snap Your Selfie, we hope you reach out to connect with us soon!

Photo Booth Rentals for Lake City FL, Jacksonville FL, Gainesville FL, Tallahassee FL, St. Augustine FL, Orlando FL and all of North Central Florida.



Heather is a thrill seeker and adventurous soul. She’ll be the first to dive out of a plane and courageous enough to gather a group of friends to join her.



Christy is a compassionate soul and a nature lover at heart. Plant power! She is intuitive, logical and always has a solution to the most difficult problems.